Hippo CMMS System Review

For a business to be successful, there is a need to utilize programs that make it easy to manage its operations. Be able to monitor your inventory, manage work orders, track assets and accomplish much more with CMMS software from Hippo. This particular management maintenance software has a broad range of tools that allow you to track, organize and schedule maintenance works and manage work information.

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When it comes to monitoring and tracking assets, Hippo CMMS has all the necessary tools to facilitate this. This system allows the user to enter all assets and also any relevant details about a particular item like serial numbers, meter readings and warranties. You can subsequently attach the documents for quick access.

Other tracking features include tracking costs, labor, employees, inventory and recent purchases. This application allows you to access all this information any time; therefore, you shall always have an accurate and comprehensive history readily available.

User-Friendly Interface

Hippo CMMS has an intuitive and appealing graphic display aimed at streamlining all your maintenance operations. The user can color-code information to make it easier to prioritize tasks and view information. Tabs are positioned at the screen and facilitate access to all the tools and features that you may need. You can also generate a variety of reports, graphs or charts for data analysis within the system.

Mobile App

The CMMS system has mobile access capabilities that allow you to monitor maintenance operations and work orders remotely from your phone while on the move. It is possible to view information or even set a particular work order as a priority.

Excellent customer support

Hippo CMMS have an exceptional customer support team who respond swiftly and accurately to queries made by clients. Their representatives can be reached easily via telephone, skype or email.

Availability of online resources

The compahn4wred5t26ey72u82eu9ny has a wide range of online resources such as demos, webinars and video tutorials that are available on their site. They offer necessary training to users to ensure all features of the CMMS system are utilized efficiently and correctly and also effectively optimize your system to be able to maximize your ROI fully.

If managing and tracking work orders are a priority to you, then we highly recommend that you use Hippo CMMS because it is designed to suit all your maintenance needs. This maintenance management system has a complete set of features tailored to your maintenance tasks. Even though the software lacks capabilities such as voice recognition tools or barcoding options, this maintenance solution can be an essential companion for managing your operations.

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